Innovation Authority launches second public challenge with MIA

Innovation Authority launches second public challenge with MIA

Among the world’s most forward-thinking airports in elevating the passenger experience, MIA is building upon existing initiatives with the Public Innovation Challenge. This includes myMIAccess, an award-winning dedicated online platform connecting passengers with accessibility services and amenities. Simultaneously, MIA is undertaking Florida’s largest-ever energy conservation project to align with Miami-Dade County’s Climate Action Strategy and reduce environmental impact.

This Public Innovation Challenge seeks solutions in the following categories:

●    Accessibility – Assistive technologies, including those built to improve the passenger experience for those with reduced mobility, and travelers with different physical and hidden disabilities, such as travelers who are neurodivergent, and/or who experience mental health conditions like PTSD.

●     Navigation – Wayfinding solutions that allow passengers to navigate the airport more effectively and seamlessly. Solutions may include technologies such as digital displays, virtual reality maps, omnichannel support and chat including AI, navigation instructions in various languages including sign language, and many more.

●    Sustainability – Recycling solutions ranging from AI-enabled and autonomous recycling onsite, signage and support for distinguishing recyclable materials from trash, automatic waste data collection, solutions to reduce single-use plastics and waste through promoting consumer behavior change, and incentivizing reuse and recycling.

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