10 Perfect Beaches Named Best for Native Florida Wildlife Spotting

10 Perfect Beaches Named Best for Native Florida Wildlife Spotting

The image on the right shows the top 20 beaches in the country for wildlife spotting. Below are the locations and names of the 10 Florida beaches named best for wildlife spotting.

St. Pete Beach – One of Florida’s best beaches on the west coast. Located near Tampa and is very popular with locals and tourists.

Canaveral National Seashore – This beach may be the most unusual. Not only is it on an island, it is a National Park on the east coast and people often come here to watch space exploration launches from Cape Canaveral. This park is well known for the many wildlife species here.

Pensacola Beach – In the far western panhandle of Florida, Pensacola Beach is in an area of Florida that has unspoiled beaches that run for miles.

Santa Rosa Beach – Santa Rosa Beach is in a row of stunning beaches in the panhandle with Grayton Beach on one side and Miramar Beach on the other. All of these are great beaches on 30A a Florida Scenic Highway.

Cocoa Beach – This beach on the east coast of Florida is known for surfing, great beach bars and long piers. Very popular beach.

Bahia Honda State Park Beach – Florida Travel Blog considers this state park one of the best in Florida. The beach, just a few miles north of Key West is where we took our children to learn about saltwater and the critters below the surface. This would be our choice of the 10 Florida beaches best for wildlife spotting.

Clearwater Beach – On everyone’s list of the top three beaches in Florida. Very busy beach because there are a lot of things to do. Home of the Clearwater Marine Science Center.

St. Andrews State Park – On the very east end of an island between Panama City and Panama City Beach. Very unique park surrounded by water with a great pier.

Fort Myers Beach – This is now a story of rebuilding. Fort Myers Baech was 90% destroyed when Hurricane Ian ravaged the island with wind and a storm surge that was relentless. It was once one of Florida’s most popular beaches and may be in a few years again.

Siesta Beach – This beach has been named Florida’s best beach a couple of times, but it is also known as the 11th-best beach in the world. Very large beach with an unusually big parking lot to hold the throngs of people who visit.

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