NNVOY, LLC Announces Exhibition at IBBA Annual Conference and Official Launch of BizTrader

NNVOY, LLC Announces Exhibition at IBBA Annual Conference and Official Launch of BizTrader

SACRAMENTO, Calif., April 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — NNVOY, LLC, the esteemed parent company behind the innovative online platforms 420 Property and BizTrader, is proud to announce its role as an exhibitor at the forthcoming International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) Annual Conference. This premier event, hailed as the world’s largest gathering of business brokers, is scheduled to take place in Louisville, KY, on Saturday, May 11th, 2024. The conference is renowned for uniting industry professionals from across the globe for a comprehensive program of learning, networking, and entertainment.

As an exhibitor, NNVOY, LLC will showcase its specialized online marketplace, 420 Property, renowned for its focus on cannabis and hemp real estate and business listings. Furthermore, the IBBA Conference will serve as the official launch platform for BizTrader, NNVOY, LLC’s latest venture into the broader business brokerage market. This participation marks a significant milestone for NNVOY, LLC, reflecting its commitment to innovation and leadership in the digital marketplace sector.

Highlights of NNVOY, LLC’s Participation:

  • Exhibition of 420 Property: NNVOY, LLC will demonstrate the unique features and benefits of 420 Property, illustrating how this niche platform caters specifically to the cannabis and hemp markets. Conference attendees will learn about the advantages of leveraging specialized online marketplaces for buying, selling, and leasing properties within these burgeoning industries.
  • Official Launch of BizTrader: The IBBA Conference will witness the grand unveiling of BizTrader, NNVOY, LLC’s new online platform designed to revolutionize the general business brokerage market. BizTrader aims to connect business buyers, sellers, and brokers through an intuitive, comprehensive online platform, facilitating smoother transactions and wider visibility.
  • Networking and Collaborative Opportunities: By exhibiting at the IBBA Conference, NNVOY, LLC intends to foster connections with business brokers and industry professionals. The event provides an unparalleled opportunity for networking, discussion of potential collaborations, and exploration of how digital innovations can enhance the traditional business brokerage model.

“We are excited to exhibit at the IBBA Annual Conference and to introduce BizTrader to the world,” said Ryan George, CEO of NNVOY, LLC. “This event is the perfect venue to showcase our commitment to the cannabis and hemp markets through 420 Property, and to broaden our reach with the launch of BizTrader. We believe that our platforms offer unique value to business brokers and their clients, and we look forward to sharing our vision and technology with the industry’s leading professionals.”

The IBBA Conference is expected to attract a diverse audience of business brokers, advisors, and industry stakeholders from around the world, making it an ideal setting for the launch of BizTrader and for highlighting the successes of 420 Property.

For more information about NNVOY, LLC’s exhibition at the IBBA Annual Conference, the launch of BizTrader, or to arrange a meeting during the event, please contact: Ryan George, [email protected], 925-478-9805.


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