GPARENCY Launches Revolutionary Commercial Mortgage Brokerage Division, Offering Brokers 80% Commission and Unmatched Half-Point Brokerage Services Paid at Closing

GPARENCY Launches Revolutionary Commercial Mortgage Brokerage Division, Offering Brokers 80% Commission and Unmatched Half-Point Brokerage Services Paid at Closing

GPARENCY introduces half-point fees for clients at closing while hiring brokers at 80% commissions under the mentorship of Ira Zlotowitz and Michael Wyne.

HOWELL, N.J., Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GPARENCY, a pioneering force in the commercial real estate industry, is excited to introduce its full-service, game-changing Brokerage as a Services (BaaS) division. With a mandate to onboard mortgage brokers to meet market demand, GPARENCY is seeking those aspiring to break into the field and experienced brokers looking for new opportunities to staff this division. This groundbreaking endeavor is set to redefine commercial real estate services by allowing clients to pay only half a point at closing. Simultaneously, it offers brokers an exceptional 80% commission rate and access to a wide range of products, addressing a common challenge faced by most brokers who typically have only one product in their portfolio.

Unprecedented Opportunity for New and Experienced Brokers

In a demonstration of GPARENCY’s unwavering commitment to nurturing talent and empowering newcomers to the real estate industry, the BaaS division is also actively recruiting and training first-time brokers. This recruiting initiative comes as many companies are laying off employees in response to the current financial climate, giving those in the real estate industry an unprecedented opportunity to gain more control over their careers and compensation.

Industry-Leading 80% Commission Rate

In this era of financial change, GPARENCY’s BaaS division presents a unique opportunity for brokers who wish to switch to a more rewarding career or for newcomers eager to enter the commercial real estate industry. GPARENCY Founder and CEO Ira Zlotowitz is personally involved in the mentorship of new brokers and the execution of deals, as is the Head of Banking Michael Wyne. These aspiring brokers will receive an industry-leading 80% commission rate, whether they are novices in the field or require additional training. This exceptional opportunity extends to part-time and full-time brokers, as well as those who prefer a “Do it Yourself” approach to their career.

Win-Win Situation for Borrowers and Mortgage Brokers

This new offering not only benefits clients with lower fees but also ensures that most brokers, regardless of their experience level, can maintain or increase their income while offering a more competitive offer to clients due to 80% commissions. For brokers who would typically earn $75,000 on a $150,000 fee, now even if the fee is only $100,000, they will still earn more money while the client benefits from an increase in savings as well. This results in a win-win situation that benefits both borrowers and mortgage brokers.

Diverse Range of Products to Cater to Client Needs

The BaaS division offers a significant perk for brokers, as GPARENCY boasts a diverse range of products, unlike the traditional broker, who may be limited to a single product. This diversity ensures brokers have multiple options to cater to their clients’ needs, eliminating the risk associated with selling only one product that might not resonate with clients.

Half-Point Fee Structure at Closing

GPARENCY recognizes that not all clients want to pay upfront fees when acquiring commercial real estate transactions. The BaaS division offers a unique solution allowing clients to benefit from a half-point fee structure at the time of closing. This approach aligns with the needs of today’s buyers, acknowledging that a significant portion of the market, approximately 30-40%, is focused on purchases. For these buyers, the primary preference is to pay a closing fee, and GPARENCY is committed to delivering this product on their mission to empower investors.

GPARENCY Setting New Industry Standards

With the introduction of the BaaS division and its 80% commission rate, half-point brokerage services paid at closing, and mandate to recruit new mortgage brokers, GPARENCY is poised to set new industry standards, delivering extraordinary benefits to all stakeholders.

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