From Rescue to Rebuilding: PermitUsNow Stands Ready to Aid Kingwood’s Flood-Affected Homeowners

From Rescue to Rebuilding: PermitUsNow Stands Ready to Aid Kingwood’s Flood-Affected Homeowners

HOUSTON, May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — PermitUsNow, an industry recognized permitting firm that is transforming building permitting nationwide, has its permitting experts available to assist homeowners in the Kingwood, Texas area by answering questions and providing guidance in obtaining building permits after experiencing 4 months of drenching rain and flooding over in a few days late last week.

As Kingwood, Texas and other areas in Northeast Houston and Harris County start to assess and clean up homes after soaking rains and massive flooding resembling Hurricane Harvey on last Thursday, Friday and parts of Saturday, many homeowners have started the task of starting over.

“We live, work, and play in the Kingwood area and we know the importance of being a resource to our neighbors during this time of making repairs and for some, rebuilding” says, Helen Callier, president of PermitUsNow.

And with the focus shifting from rescue to cleaning up, PermitUsNow has its 1.844PERMIT.4 toll-free line manned to provide tips on obtaining building permits to homeowners that suffered damage from high water

Here’s what we know for homes needing repairs in the Kingwood area: Harris County or the City of Houston Permitting will be the primary jurisdictions issuing the required building permits for homeowners. 

We realize most property owners that suffered damage to their homes simply want to return to normal and we’re here to help answer any questions on pulling the proper permits.” Vickie Salgado, Project Coordinator, PermitUsNow

For those homeowners that must rebuild or make repairs, PermitUsNow offer permitting tips below and have their toll-free line open at 1.844.PERMIT.4 to answer questions including in Spanish.

  • If a homeowner is replacing damaged sheet rock, removing flooring, painting, and doing other similar refresh work, then a permit is not required. 
  • If a home requires reconstruction that involves installing new windows, external siding, new doors then a repair permit will be required. Also, for those that decide to take this time to remodel such as expanding a kitchen, enlarging a den, or creating a patio area, then a remodel permit is required.
  • If a homeowner remodeled their home before in an area where known flooding occurred and failed to pull a proper permit then when a HVAC Contractor or Master Electrician attempts to pull a building permit to make the appropriate fixes then this trade will be unable to pull a building permit as the jurisdiction will be showing a “hold”. This hold will require a release for a trade permit to be issued.

Making repairs and rebuilding homes can be frustrating and pulling a building permit can be confusing so we urge homeowners to also check the following jurisdictions permitting web sites for additional information on obtaining building permits.

City of Houston Permitting:

Harris County Permitting:

For many years, PermitUsNow has answered questions and helped many homeowners and commercial property owners to pull permits after a natural disaster in Houston, along the Gulf Coast and other regions. Homeowners are encouraged to call PermitUsNow for assistance with permitting at 1.844.PERMIT or visit

About PermitUsNow 

PermitUsNow is a dynamic firm that is transforming the state of building permitting nationwide. PermitUsNow helps architects, contractors, and project owners to do what they love to do best and that is helping them to fulfill their customers’ goals. PermitUsNow team members are building permitting process and code experts who have worked with more than 700 jurisdictions in Texas and in other cities in North America. PermitUsNow staff write and contribute articles for industry publications and have published a Building Permitting Daily Tracking Log Book to assist Contractors in managing their permits.

Companies such as BRIZO, H-E-B, United Airlines, CVS, ATKINS, and Burns and McDonnell have saved time and money during the pre-construction phase of their projects with support from PermitUsNow. Because of these operational efficiencies, these PermitUsNow clients were able to open new locations, connect with more customers, and achieve profitability sooner. 

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