Ekta Real Estate Partners with Dtravel to Make Real Estate Accessible for Everyone

Ekta Real Estate Partners with Dtravel to Make Real Estate Accessible for Everyone

The blockchain app platform addresses liquidity issues for sellers, lowers capital barriers for retail buyers, and makes antiquated processes faster and easier for all parties

BALI, Indonesia, May 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ekta Real Estate, an app platform that removes banks and creditors to empower buyers and sellers to earn more, pay lower fees, and close deals faster, is partnering with Dtravel to increase the earnings potential of short-term rental properties through innovative direct booking infrastructure and distribution.

Ekta Real Estate, powered by Entire Land’s technology platform, offers fractional and entire property solutions for sellers and buyers, while also lowering fees and closing times for both. By partnering with Dtravel, the assets offered on Ekta Real Estate can be listed as vacation rentals and increase the rental earnings for the property. The partnership is poised to lead the end-to-end business of real estate, from buying and selling, to direct booking infrastructure and distribution.

“Having been real estate developers, owners and buyers ourselves, we built Ekta Real Estate on Entire Land’s blockchain technology to address the traditional pain points that have plagued our industry for far too long,” explained Ekta Real Estate’s CEO, Berwin Tanco. “Our partnership with Dtravel strengthens the earnings of properties that list on the app.”

Dtravel creates a rewarding travel experience for everyone through on-chain products that enable direct connections and empower ownership. Built on top of a blockchain foundation, the Dtravel Protocol solves for listing and booking data distribution. Dtravel’s flagship product, Dtravel Direct leads the global adoption of direct bookings by making it easy for any vacation rental brand or property manager to quickly build a premium, smart contract powered direct booking website, primed for distribution and direct revenue capture.

“Ownership is both a core value and foundational to our vision at Dtravel. We were excited to partner with Ekta because of our shared values for democratizing ownership and because there’s such an obvious connection between real estate and the vacation rental industry,” noted Cynthia Huang, CEO of Dtravel. “With this partnership, we’re excited that we can further empower property managers and owners to succeed in their businesses through access to liquid real estate.”

About Ekta Real Estate

Founded in 2022, Ekta Real Estate is an app marketplace built on the Entire Land platform that is revolutionizing the real estate industry to be faster, easier, and more accessible for everyone. Ekta Real Estate provides a decentralized platform for real estate developers, buyers, and affiliates to conduct business faster with lower fees. Similar to how digital stock trading apps empowered everyday people to engage with the stock market, the Ekta Real Estate app empowers everyone to participate in the real estate market. To learn more about Ekta Real Estate, please visit: www.ektarealestate.app

About Entire Land

Entire Land is a blockchain technology company that develops platform solutions for bringing real-world assets on-chain, starting with real estate. Its core business is to sell licenses for its fractional and entire property products to real estate partners who want to develop their own decentralized real estate marketplace for their regions. For more information, please visit: www.entire.land.

About Dtravel 

Dtravel is a community-owned ecosystem on a mission to create a rewarding travel experience for everyone through direct connections and on-chain products that empower ownership. The Dtravel ecosystem includes Dtravel Direct, Dtravel Meridian, and the Dtravel Protocol, all of which work together to solve problems in travel related to trust, reputation, distribution, connectivity and direct bookings. To learn more about Dtravel, please visit: www.dtravel.com.

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Head of Marketing, Dtravel
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