Dynamic Star’s Fordham Landing South to Bring Sustainable Living to the Harlem River Waterfront

Dynamic Star’s Fordham Landing South to Bring Sustainable Living to the Harlem River Waterfront

NEW YORK, Jan. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Fordham Landing South, Dynamic Star’s first development along the Harlem River in the University Heights neighborhood of The Bronx, is poised to bring sustainable development and living to a part of New York City that has all too often been left out of the conversation on healthy and environmentally friendly construction.

Slated to offer 153 affordable housing units alongside 352 market-rate units, along with 350,000 sq. ft. leasable of community facility space, and a nearly one-acre public, Harlem River esplanade, Fordham Landing South is introducing a broad array of advanced sustainability features that are lacking in the borough.

“We, along with Perkins Eastman, the project’s architect, approached the building’s design with a commitment to the long-term sustainability of the neighborhood and its residents,” said Penny Lee, Dynamic Star’s Director of Planning. “For far too long, The Bronx has been left out of the conversation about sustainability and healthy living, and that needs to change. Fordham Landing South will not only be built to the highest eco-friendly standards, but thanks to the efforts of MPFP, the project’s landscape architect, the development will also bring the built and natural environments together to create a green, healthy community that Bronx residents  need and deserve.”

Fordham Landing South will be amongst the first in The Bronx to deploy geothermal heat pumps, covering 60 percent of the building’s climate control needs with this sustainable technology, while the remainder will be catered to by high-efficiency boilers. The development incorporates View Smart Windows, which uses artificial intelligence to adapt to sunlight, creating cooler interior temperatures and contributing to the building’s energy efficiency. All lighting fixtures are Energy Star-rated for efficiency, with exterior fixtures also meeting Dark Sky standards to prevent light pollution.

Materials for interior construction will include low VOC selections to ensure indoor air quality, and the structure’s elevation meets the 2080 NYC Climate Resiliency Design Guidelines, anticipating future environmental challenges. Appliance choices in residential units are not only electric but also boast Energy Star ratings, minimizing the carbon footprint of each home. Additionally, the community facility building will use water-side economizers for further energy savings.

To support the burgeoning electric vehicle market, 25 EV charging stations will be available, exceeding the required number, and reinforcing the development’s commitment to sustainable transportation.

In addition to the project’s interior sustainability measures, Fordham Landing South’s Harlem River esplanade design will encourage residents and the public alike to go outside by providing a wide array of passive and active recreational opportunities along with a continuous bike and pedestrian path. A revamped Metro North University Heights station, located next door, will include a lengthened platform and new pedestrian bridge connecting the station to the development to encourage transit use. The project is also integrated into the NYC street system and the Harlem River Greenway, thereby reducing traffic, and promoting cycling. 

Brad Zackson, Dynamic Star’s co-founder and Director of Development, said, “Fordham Landing South is a testament to the potential for sustainable living in urban environments, particularly in communities that have historically been underserved. With this project, The Bronx takes a significant step towards a greener, more resilient future.”

For more information about Fordham Landing South and its vision for sustainable living in The Bronx, please visit www.dynamicstarllc.com.

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