Senator Stewart Files Environmental Legislation

Tallahassee, FL – Senator Linda Stewart (D – Orlando) has filed two bills to reduce plastic pollution in the State of Florida.

Senate Bill 506 would require the Department of Environmental Protection to develop a comprehensive waste reduction and recycling plan to implement statewide. The plan’s major provisions would set recycling goals based on previous studies conducted by the state, provide local education and community outreach, and provide financial assistance to local governments.

Senate Bill 498 The legislation would undo the plastics regulation preemption of local governments by the state, and allow local governments to choose their own policies regarding plastic waste.

“Protecting and preserving our environment is important not only to Florida’s ecotourism industry, but it’s a matter of public health and safety as well,” said Stewart. “I’ve always championed responsible environmental policy and our local communities’ rights to create policies that best represent their niche needs.”



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