Senator Stewart Co-Sponsors Seagrass Restoration Bill

Senator Stewart Co-Sponsors Seagrass Restoration Bill

Tallahassee, FL – Senator Linda Stewart (D – Orlando) is joining Senator Jim Boyd (R – Bradenton) by co-sponsoring SB 724: Florida Seagrass Restoration Technology Development Initiative.

This bill creates a Seagrass Restoration Technology Development Initiative within the Department of Environmental Protection. This Initiative’s purpose is to help expedite the creation of new technologies and approaches to help restore coastal seagrass ecosystems and establishes an advisory council consisting of experts to oversee the implementing of these efforts.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, seagrass is a vital part of a healthy marine ecosystem by helping maintain water quality, provide food and habitat for marine organisms, and supporting local economies.

The seagrass restoration initiative must submit an annual report to the governor and help with the creation of a 10 year restoration plan to implement technologies developed under the initiative.

“Protecting Florida’s natural resources has always been a priority of mine and this bill will improve the quality of our water, restore marine life, and keep our coastlines healthy,” said Stewart.




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