Senate Democrats Respond to Governor’s Signing of SB 1028

Tallahassee —

The Senate Democratic Caucus on Tuesday released the following statement following Governor DeSantis’ signing of SB 1028, charter school legislation which includes the unwarranted ban on transgender girls participating in female sports:

 “By folding the transgender ban into the charter school legislation, Republicans in Tallahassee rejected both science and reason, openly attacking vulnerable LGBTQ+ children without a single shred of evidence that a problem even exists. Not once has there been an incident or complaint in our State alleging that a transgender athlete’s participation unfairly impacted middle school, high school or college athletic competition. 

 “Florida’s elected leaders could better serve all our youth by understanding and taking action on the high incidences of bullying, violence, and suicidal tendencies that happen to them across this state every day, and trans youth should have no less focus. The language denigrating trans youth incorporated in this bill shows how little the Republican-led legislature regards equal treatment for all our young people.”



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