Christopher and Laci Paulk: Building a Name in Tree Care Business

Christopher and Laci Paulk: Building a Name in Tree Care Business

MILTON, FLORIDA, USA, October 31, 2023 / — In the world of tree care and removal services, reaching potential customers efficiently and effectively is essential. Paulk Brothers LLC, a dedicated family-owned business, has found the secret to success by partnering with Tree Leads Today (TLT), a renowned marketing company specializing in providing exclusive leads to tree care and removal businesses.

Paulk Brothers LLC, operated by Christopher and Laci Paulk, is located in Milton, Florida, serving Escambia, Santa Rosa, and the surrounding areas. Their journey with TLT began in October of the previous year. They encountered the unique challenge of the winter season, known to be a slow period for many businesses in the tree care industry. However, TLT managed to provide them with a consistent influx of work during these challenging months.

Laci Paulk, one of the co-owners, shared her experiences: “We signed up with Tree Leads in October of last year, and we worked through the entire winter. Usually, winters are tough, and work is difficult to come by. The last winter, we had so much work it was unbelievable. Very thankful for Tree Leads. It’s helped us to be in a position not to have to rent equipment; instead, we were actually in a position to be able to buy our own equipment and grow our business, which has increased our profit.”

The growth rate they’ve experienced since partnering with TLT is a remarkable 50%. Such an increase in business naturally demands additional resources, and Paulk Brothers LLC expanded their team to meet the growing demand. Laci expressed her gratitude, saying, “We went from having one employee to having four employees. Thank you, Miss Hayley.”

One of the key attributes that distinguish Paulk Brothers LLC from their competitors is their pricing and the quality of their work. Laci Paulk explained, “What sets us apart from other competitors is that we give really great prices, and on top of great prices, we do an amazing clean-up job. The job site afterwards is our special trait. We make our job sites afterward look better than before. So when a customer sees the end result, they are 100% satisfied.”

The company’s work ethic is not the only remarkable feature. Being a husband and wife partnership adds a personal touch to their service. Christopher Paulk manages the daily operations on job sites, from cutting trees to quoting jobs, while Laci takes charge of customer communication and ensures that customers are satisfied and that everything runs smoothly from the home office.

Exclusive leads have proven to be highly efficient for Paulk Brothers LLC. This exclusivity ensures the quality of the leads they receive is high, which is a significant advantage for a tree care service provider. The leads they get through TLT come directly from potential customers actively seeking tree care services, resulting in a more efficient sales process.

The Paulk Brothers first learned about TLT through a Facebook advertisement. Laci Paulk remembered, “From an ad on Facebook is how we heard about Tree Leads Today. We used the last of our savings to sign up with Tree Leads.”

With five years of experience in the tree care business, Christopher Paulk has put his confidence in TLT’s marketing approach. Geo-targeting, a feature of TLT’s services that keeps leads local to each other, has streamlined their operations. Christopher Paulk noted, “We like having the leads close together; it makes it very efficient for my wife, Laci, to book appointments.”

Having jobs close in proximity has also made a significant difference in the efficiency of their business. It not only reduces wear and tear on their equipment but also enables them to complete more jobs in less time, increasing their overall productivity.

The preference for phone calls over online form leads has been a notable aspect of TLT’s service that Paulk Brothers LLC appreciates. Laci Paulk highlighted the advantages: “It’s great that our customers call us. We know they are serious about wanting tree work done.”

The partnership with TLT has not only expanded their business but also helped them build their reputation in the community. Laci Paulk added, “It also helped us to build up our reviews. We went from having about 10 reviews to now having almost 60 five-star reviews. So, we are very thankful for that as well, helping us build up our name in our community.”

In summary, Paulk Brothers LLC’s journey with Tree Leads Today underscores the significance of tree care marketing in the growth and success of local tree care businesses. With their strong work ethic, commitment to quality, and efficient marketing, Paulk Brothers LLC has established itself as a trusted name in Milton, Florida, and the surrounding areas.

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Christopher and Laci Paulk: Building a Name in Tree Care Business

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