The Best Miami Luxury Condos for 2022 | My Top 5 Best Miami Condos Explained.

The Best Miami Luxury Condos for 2022 | My Top 5 Best Miami Condos Explained.

Miami luxury condos can be found in every neighborhood and I have been fortunate enough to not only see them all, but to have watched their performance over the years, analyzed and dissected their floor plans and studied their condo docs and financials. So when I say I know these condos, I can tell you after 15 years of selling real estate and visiting these condos with clients, I can really tell the difference between the good and the bad. If you are reading this because you are looking to buy, you are probably going to want to use my opinion (as well as gain access to my software Condo Geeks and analytics).

This is my top 5 Miami Luxury Condos for sale for 2022. These are all newer resale condos. For all the condos I have selected, I have explanations as to why I have picked them. I see little benefit in just giving a list of buildings; I felt it’s important to give my opinion, so you can trust in my assistance when looking for your next condo.

My top 5 condos are picked from a combination of factors. Location is definitely a factor, as is price. You will also notice how I detail that specific benefits of certain condos will suite a specific type of buyer. Best is subjective and ‘Best’ is also something ‘fit for purpose’, so you may consider paying less attention to the ranking and more to whom the condo is best suited for, because it’s your needs that ultimately matter and not anyone else’s! Finally, you’re also going to have to ultimately respect the specific of availability and price at the time you buy, because most certainly you won’t necessary have imminent access to all units in the condo you fall in love with, and they may not exactly come in at budget. Fortunately we do as much OFF-MARKET’ business as we do ‘ON-MARKET’ so with our assistance we can help you identify the right line then chase down owners to see who will sell.


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02:15 Oceana Key Biscayne
04:08 Oceana Bal Harbour
05:55 Park Grove Coconut Grove
08:00 Continuum South Beach
11:13 Eighty Seven Park Miami Beach

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Continuum South Tower:
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