Oasis Realty Investment Group Appoints New Board of Advisors

Team of experts will provide counsel to real estate investment firm’s leadership.

WILMINGTON, Del., March 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Oasis Realty Investment Group, a Delaware-based real estate investment firm, is proud to announce its new Board of Advisors. This board joins a leadership team with decades of combined experience in the real estate investment, financial, and technology sectors to advise CEO Ivel Turner as he manages the firm.

The board will consist of Dr. Christopher Alan Bullock, James F. Kibler, Jurudoe Ann Martin, and Henry Gotlob.

Dr. Bullock served as the first African-American President of the New Castle County Council, is the former Chairman of the Delaware Black Caucus, and is a former member of the Board of Directors of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. Mr. Kibler has over 50 years of experience in positions as the vice president of property managing firms.

Ms. Martin is an information technology professional with standout achievements in project management, system implementation, process improvements, and consulting in the IT arena. Mr. Gotlob, formerly of Morgan Stanley, has held the distinction of being the Top Regional Director in 2004.

These individuals are well-positioned to benefit and assist Oasis Realty Investment Group in providing quality investment advisement to accredited investors. In turn, contributing to the firm’s mission to cultivate financial peace of mind for its clients.

About Oasis Realty Investment Group

Oasis Realty Investment Group gives accredited investors access to pre-vetted, proven real estate funds, safely and securely maximizing their returns. These funds are housed smartly in a diversified investment portfolio that will surely provide higher than normal returns and long-term wealth. With consistently reliable returns that real estate historically offers over time, Oasis ensures predictable cash flow, even in volatile economic times. To learn more about Oasis Realty Investment Group, visit oasisrealtyig.com.

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