The Most EXPENSIVE Things Basketballers Own..

The Most EXPENSIVE Things Basketballers Own..

Welcome back to Latest Hoops, today on the channel we are going to check out The most expensive things basketballers own. NBA players make a lot of money both from contracts and sponsorships, and many of them show off their wealth through their extravagant lifestyles. Some of these players are just ridiculous with their lifestyles, while others simply spend a ton of money to have the biggest, newest and flashiest houses, cars, and accessories. Their big spending is fueled by their big personalities, which leads to some of the crazy stuff in this list. So here are the most expensive things basketballers own.

LeBron James (Special Maybach 57S) This Special Special Maybach 57S has a six figure price tag and is the pride and joy of LeBron James. Being one of the most famous basketball players in the world, you like to be seen in expensive cars and this car has a number plate which says King of Ohio. The all white Maybach 57S comes with a rather hefty price tag of $376,300 dollars and is the epitome of dynamic elegance and power. Michael Jordan (Luxury Super Yacht ) You cannot find a single athlete worth a minimum of $100 million that does not have a yacht. But Jordan’s superyacht is on an entirely different level. Number 23’s luxury yacht is worth $80 million, a shocking figure even to the richest people you might know. The yacht extends over 220 feet and has been reported to cost nearly $1 million to maintain per week. That’s right, per week. Jordan must love the water because shelling out that much expense means he is getting the ultimate luxury experience. Watch till the end for more on The most expensive things basketballers own.

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