Miami Beach Cheap Charlie Holiday — Chapter 1

Miami Beach Cheap Charlie Holiday — Chapter 1

Paradise Travel hits the road, this time to Miami Beach. Taking advantage of a Cheap Charlie flight costing only $50 I decide to go there and visit fellow youtuber friends. My first impressions a lot of things about Miami surprised me, the nightlife, the beach, the cost of living, both good and bad surprises, it’s a very fascinating place that will all be explored in upcoming videos. This is part one of a five video series.
YouTubers featured in this video:
Jeff Lepard (Travelfun69):
Cowboys Mosh:

George the Iceman (therevealreport):

Billy Blue:

Red Light Ron:

I firmly believe that one can travel as a minimalist, Cheap Charlie style and have a great time. Paradise is a journey, not a destination. For those of us who love to travel, the joy of it is the new experiences, exploring new places, meeting new people, experiencing difference cultures. To do these things a lot of money is not required, in fact by spending a lot there is the real possibility that money can get in the way of these things. I keep my backpacking ultralight, bringing as few things as possible so I can also explore and move around as much as possible. I do a lot of walking on my travels. Camera used: Olympus EM5 Mark III in the micro four thirds system.