Medellin Colombia Travel News Update

Medellin Colombia Travel News Update

Medellin Colombia Travel News Update. This is my latest Colombia Travel News Update – .But should really be titled Colombia Floods. It’s Colombia’s Rainy season now. Colombia Travel News Update for March 23, 2021. This is my latest Medellin Colombia News and my Colombia News Update – Colombia Travel is our focus in this video. This is my Colombia News Update – For Medellin Colombia, Cali Cali Colombia, Bucaramanga Colombia & Bogota Colombia. This is my latest Colombia News Update for March 23, 2021. I discuss if the Medellin Curfews being eliminated and the hospital ICU rate dropping in Cali and Medellin. Also about the Cali Colombia curfew and how Bogota restrictions are continuing in another way. I make note of the concern for Scopolamine, AKA the devils breath. Check out my last video for an update.

I also discuss the lowering in Medellin Colombia Restrictions & Curfews. – For Medellin, Bogota & Cartagena Colombia all are lowering restrictions. This is my latest video on Colombia restrictions with dates and times. This video is dated March 1, 2021. I read a story about the Bogota restrictions; another one about the Medellin restrictions and more lockdown information on the Bogota lockdown. It’s common place now to find a Colombia curfew in effect. You can tell that the Colombia restrictions increase, as each day goes by. Curfew is the word of the month so far this year. I also read a story on the Cartagena restrictions. And general information on the Colombia Lockdown plans and current schedules. So, if you’re looking for Colombia Travel 2021, you need to know these dates. The Medellin Curfew seems to increase in volume and continuance. The Medellin Lockdown is now for overnight hours for the next week or so. Colombia 2021, is starting off worse than it ended last year regarding the virus and quarantines. It looks like people continuing to go out and socialize without masks are having a toll on them. The Cartagena curfew is a good sign of that. As they’re the last to seem to lock it down. It looks like for the foreseeable future, we’ll be looking at Colombia Travel restrictions to increase weekly. This is due to the lack of ICU beds at most hospitals. This is my update on Colombia travel news, Colombia News and different parts of Colombia. Bogota Colombia seems to be bearing the brunt of the virus and lockdowns. Again, this is my Colombia News Update for January 25, 2021. Colombia travel is still possible, although know that your free time there will be limited. Colombia is doing it’s best to stay afloat; so bear with them as they combat this virus as we must do. I love Medellin, but Medellin Colombia seems to be locking it down more and more each week. Bogota and Cartagena as well. Cartagena Colombia being the least affected,

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