Galactic Starcruiser: Star Wars Hotel Full Experience

Bridget Carey goes inside a whole new type of Disney entertainment: the pricey two-night immersive Star Wars hotel called Galactic Starcruiser. See what it’s like onboard and how technology makes this a very involved, layered story experience that can be compared to living inside a video game.

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0:00 Introduction
0:53 Room tour
4:43 Arriving
5:49 Lunch
6:39 Captain’s Toast
7:59 Climate simulator
8:48 Stories and quests
9:48 The ship’s droid
10:35 Sublight Lounge
11:38 The Chandrila Collection
12:04 Bridge training
12:37 First dinner and Gaya performance
14:03 End of Day 1
15:20 Batuu excursion
16:34 Lightsaber training
16:55 Fear of missing out
18:06 Bridge assignment
18:55 Dinner at the Captain’s table
19:37 Big finale (SPOILERS)
24:09 Should you go?

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