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THE Drewitt-Barlows are back! Today, they are opening the doors of their multi-million pound Florida mansion to give Truly a glimpse into their fabulously luxurious life. The impressive property – set on 10 acres of land – is home to Barrie, his ex-husband Tony, and their children, Aspen, Saffron, Orlando, Dallas and Jasper. Tony’s boyfriend Brent, and Barrie’s boyfriend Scott also live with the family, as does Valentina, Scott and Barrie’s baby. Having earned their millions through a number of businesses, savvy entrepreneurs Barrie and Tony work hard for their cash – and have lots of fun spending it. The family’s car collection alone is worth a fortune, from $160,000 Shelby trucks to brand new Teslas. They travel the world on yachts and private planes, stay in high-end hotels, and shop for designer clothes and jewellery. Previously, Barrie has faced criticism for “spoiling” his children – but he has hit back, saying it is his money to spend however he pleases. Today, Saffron – who Barrie jokes is “the most expensive thing” in the Drewitt-Barlow household – is having a special surprise delivered. After she wrote off her old car, her twin brother Aspen and Barrie joined forces to surprise her with her dream £295,000 G-Wagon.

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Videographer: Gerritt Messersmith
Producers: Erin Cardiff, Ruby Coote
Editor: Beth Angus

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