Colombia Travel News for Cartagena – Colombian Holidays

Colombia Travel News for Cartagena – Colombian Holidays

Colombia Travel News for Cartagena – I also go over Colombian Holidays so that you can plan your trip around it. This is my latest news update for Colombia Restrictions for Medellin Colombia & Cartagena Colombia – Today’s video is posting April 7, 2021. This is my travel restriction news for Medellin Colombia and Cartagena Colombia for April 7, 2021. And Colombia Travel Restrictions 2021 – This is my April 7, 2021 update for Travel to Colombia and travel to Medellin Colombia and Cartagena Colombia. Regarding Curfews & PCR Test Requirements to enter Medellin Colombia and Cartagena Colombia, the PCR test is still required.

Please note that the hospital ICU’s are at 100% capacity in Antioquia and the entire valley. Nightly curfews are implemented for the next few days and restrictions will be be likely until April 19th.

Colombia Restrictions are becoming more and more extensive. Cartagena Colombia is the subject for this video but as of now, there are no curfews in Cartagena Colombia. As well as the Medellin Colombia Quarantine. The Cartagena Lockdown is not currently in effect.. You’ll see that the mayor is apprehensive to shut things down, but must do so to save lives. Cali Colombia is suffering high rates of Covid 19 infections and us act according. Bogota Colombia is of course one of the first to begin the lockdowns as of yesterday. So this is just my Colombia Lockdown update for the holiday weekend. Cali Colombia Restrictions, between the two cities seems to be more severe. Medellin Colombia has also extended its restrictions for the holiday weekend. Medellin and Cali Lockdown are probably the two largest cities behind Bogota with the highest infection rate. Colombia curfew decisions are in this video. By the way, you will need a PCR test to enter Colombia starting on the 12th of January. This is still in effect now. The Cali Curfew is pretty severe. Cartagena, right behind it. So Cartagena 2021 is starting with a bang. Cali Colombia 2021, is also not what we’d all want, but this is Colombia Travel 2021. Remember Colombia PCR test begin on the 12th of January. This is my news for Colombia travel news. Colombia Requires PCR Test starting Tuesday. Colombia travel is what it is for the time being.

This is my latest update on travel restrictions to Colombia. Colombia Requires PCR Test to enter for all travelers flying into Colombia. This all comes from the authority of Minsalud Colombia. Colombia’s health department. Foreign or Nationals. And for all ages. If you don’t have your PCR Test to enter Colombia, you can quarantine until you can take a PCR test in Colombia. Colombia PCR test will be at the expense of the guest. This all goes back to the Colombia judge orders PCR tests. The government has been fighting it for over a month now. But Minsalud has agreed to require a PCR test to enter Colombia.

I also read about the Colombia Curfew and lockdowns. Major cities in Colombia such as Cali and Cartagena Colombia are almost totally locked down for this weekend. And Medellin will have a curfew for 6 days straight from 7PM to 5AM Tuesday the 12th of January, starting today January 8, 2021. Curfews and Lockdowns are beginning to get tighter. Bogota Lockdowns specifically. Bogota restrictions are beginning today.

Don’t let this stop you from going to Cali or Cartagena. Colombia is still the spot. You just need to take your PCR test before heading that way. And have your PCR test results within 96 hours of your flight.

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