F1 BREAKING NEWS: Perez is LEAVING Red Bull !?!

F1 BREAKING NEWS: Perez is LEAVING Red Bull !?!

Perez Is Officially Leaving Red Bull!

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Hi there! Welcome to another new video from #F1news. The Miami GP weekend is over and it’s time to look back at the performance of the teams. In this video, we are going to talk about the conflict that has arisen between Perez and his #RedBullF1 team. Sergio Perez narrowly missed the podium at the Miami Grand Prix. The Red Bull driver failed to overtake Carlos Sainz. He explains that it was partly due to a problem with the RB18. “I’m done with it” was a clear statement he made after the race. What are the consequences of this? Watch the video before you do that, subscribe to our channel first! Don’t forget to hit the bell so you don’t miss any updates! Done? Then let’s get started. #F1

Sergio Perez finished the Miami Grand Prix in the same place as he had started. The Red Bull driver became fourth, while teammate Max Verstappen overtook both Ferrari racers and won the race. Painful for Perez, because his expectations were a lot bigger! Perez still had a moment well view of the stage, but even after a safety car and a fresh set of rubber came he did not pass the Ferrari of Carlos Sainz. This hurt him and it showed.
Because earlier in the race he didn’t succeed either. The gap between Sainz and Perez became taller once he issues got with his car. He let it be known over the onboard radio that he was losing power, something that was immediately reflected in his lap times. After the race, he said what was going on
“You know, even with DRS you could I not around _ come from Carlos. The loss on the straight pieces was too big and I tried to push hard to stay with him in the corners .” Finally, he put in an overtake, but Perez braked too hard ” I went for it, but I was on the dirty line. After that, I didn’t come close anymore, because the loss was too big”

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