Local 10 News (WPLG/ABC) Coverage Of Our 1st Hollywood, Fl Artificial Reef Deployment (11/1/2022)

Local 10 News (WPLG/ABC) Coverage Of Our 1st Hollywood, Fl Artificial Reef Deployment (11/1/2022)

Big thanks to @andrewperezwplg & @local10news #ABC #WPLG for the coverage of today’s monumental deployment @floridashollywood!

“New ocean-friendly reefs coming to waters off coast of Hollywood Beach

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – South Florida divers will soon start seeing mermaids when they dip below the ocean surface.

A big win for Broward County, even more so for the City of Hollywood, after the Ocean Rescue Alliance (ORA) deployed its first 1000 Mermaids Artificial Reef just off the coast.

In partnership with the City of Hollywood’s Community Redevelopment Agency, the group launched and fastened 20 ocean-friendly reef modules, and it’s only the beginning of a quickly growing underwater playground.

“It’s amazing,” said Shelby Thomas, Co-founder of The @OceanRescueAlliance alongside board member & #1000Mermaids Co-Founder @evansnow13 who began managing this project in 2017. “This has been a long awaited long process, working with over 10 different agencies to get this done.”

With this latest project, the ORA has now dropped 100 #artificialreef modules just off South #Florida’s coastline.

The first 80 structures were dropped off of Palm Beach County.

It’s all part of the 1000 Mermaids Project, a monumental public eco-art initiative taking shape.

The efforts serve as an underwater destination for coral restoration, eco-tourism and research.

#HollywoodFL city officials said they’re looking to add more structures even closer to shore, allowing snorkelers more access.

Not only are cities getting in on the initiatives, but people can purchase their customizable reefs as a memorial, a business ad, or simply just for fun, while helping marine life in the process.”

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