Bayside Marketplace on a Friday night

Bayside Marketplace on a Friday night

Bayside Marketplace is a brilliant indoor/outdoor multipurpose venue with a mall, restaurants, day cruises, nightclubs, an outdoor stage, and more. Because it’s so close to our apartment, Kira and I enjoy walking through Bayside on an almost nightly basis. But things heat up even more on Fridays and Saturdays especially.

Here is nearly 40 minutes of footage from Friday (and some from Wednesday) cut together into a tighter montage than my typical walkthroughs. Footage is taken between 8:00pm and midnight, so you get a mix of family time earlier and adult nightlife later.

I wish I could have included the original music being played by talented DJs at the various clubs. But I’d surely get a copyright strike if I did. So I’ve included some great dance tunes that generally reflect what you hear at Bayside that I do have rights to.

Enjoy the party. And please do let me know what you think of Bayside. Have you been before? Shout out if you found yourself somewhere in my video. Are you far away and wishing you were here? And what are some of your own favorite party spots? Cheers.

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