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Getting to Know The Strand This interview with Strand Books owner Nancy Bass was produced by NYXT (www.nyxt.nyc) and filmed in February 2020. We discussed the Strand's history, how the store interacts with the community, and how the Strand collaborates with nonprofit organizations. Strand Books ...
Freedom & Community: Sulaiman Addonia & Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi Join us as Sulaiman Addonia, "Silence Is My Mother Tongue," and Jennifer Nansubuga, "A Girl Is A Body of Water," discuss their new books!
Purchase Silence is My Mother Tongue here: https://www.strandbooks.com/search-results?page=1&Sulaiman%20Addonia%20Silence%20Is%20My%20Mother%20Tongue&searchVal=Sulaiman%20Addonia%20Silence%20Is%20My%20Mother%20Tongue&type=product
Purchase A Girl Is A Body of Water ...

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