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Physical Therapy Spinal Extension Swan This pilates based exercise will teach you how to improve spinal extension
Physical Therapy The Chest Lift A great exercise to build abdominal strength and stability
Pilates Mat Exercises: The Roll Up Tutorial The Roll Up is a classic Pilates exercise that strengthens the abdominal muscles and increases spinal flexibility. It's also a simple, but powerful movement that can be done at home.
To perform The Roll Up:
1. Start by lying on ...
Pilates Mat Exercises: Foam Roller Thoracic Extension Tutorial With Christa Gurka Thoracic Extension exercises help improve posture and prevent shoulder, neck, and back pain. Perfect for those who are spending a lot of time at a desk. In this video, Christa is showing you our version of the Foam Roller Thoracic ...
The Modified Pilates Hundred You Can Do At Home With Carrie Johnson And Christa Gurka In this video, fitness model Carrie Johnson is helping to demonstrate this variation of the classic Pilates Hundred exercise.
As well as being a staple for your abs, this exercise also strengthens your back, improves flexibility, and teaches you how ...

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