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The Poppets | "Come Alive" The Poppets Debut Single - "Come Alive" feat. Ricardo, Oz and Joey.
Available on all major platforms.
Follow the poppets:
Copyright Soho.Live Studios
New Foundations (live) - Jamie Murray & Kevin Glasgow An impromptu behind the scenes improvisation during the Beat Replacement EP recording.
Jamie Murray (drums)
Kevin Glasgow (bass)
Benet McLean x Nathan Britton - Buffalo Sunrise (Live Recording Session) Live Recording footage from Benet McLean and Nathan Britton producing the original composition "Buffalo Sunrise" at Soho.live Studios
Written by Benet McLean (violin) & Nathan Britton (keys/production)
Released on Soho.Live Studios Label:
Artwork by George Hudson
Soho.Live Jazz Week Finale 2019 Soho’s iconic performance venues came together in September to present the capital’s first Soho.Live Jazz Week. Over 15 venues showcased more than 200 jazz artists across 45 ticketed shows. For more details visit soho.live/jazzweek
Feat. a track from Andy Davies' ...
Andy Davies - Rise of The Spidermonkey This year, Andy’s been working on his new album “Rise Of The Spidermonkey”- an explosion of catchy originals & reworked jazz classics displaying his savage bebop skills and world-class trumpet mastery. The album is dropping this winter ‘19 & features ...
Soho.Live Jazz Week 2019 The legendary jazz clubs of Soho are coming together to present the capital’s first Soho.Live Jazz Week. Over 15 venues will showcase more than 250 artists across 45 ticketed shows.
Featured Video/Audio Credits:
Kitty LaRoar & Nick Of Time ...
MAID - Basic Bitch (Making Of) MAID are made up of Blythe Jandoo, Miracle Chance and Kat Kleve who hail from Edinburgh, Devon and Bristol respectively. They came together in 2018 and are currently writing and recording their first EP.
Listen on Spotify -https://open.spotify.com/album/4xunkRO1HUFs4U1LTWzHpI?si=NASRR8JFRSajtbhiw4XjGw

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