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Boys and Girls - Princology (Prince tribute) from the "Princology" Prince tribute show held at The Zone on 26.5.16, shortly after his royal funkyness sadly left us too soon...
Kfir Ben Laish - lead
Shay Hamani - Bass
Karen Teperberg - drums
Gabriel Pollak II - ...
30.12.15 "Heat in The Zone" Another one of those mad late night jam sessions at The Zone
Karen Malka - vocal
Hod Moshonov - keys
Elyasaf Bashar-I - bass
Tal Kohavi - drums
Yaron Ouzana - trombone
Eylon Tushiner - tenor sax
Yaacov Gurnstein ...
Purple Haze - the shuffle version Another brilliant Jimi interpretation, specially put together for the special Hendrix tribute show * 6.3.14) by Gabriel Pollak who also kills the guitar hereabove, together with the one and only Kfir Ben Laish on the mike, Shay Hamani on Bass, ...
Gnawa-Funk jam Gnawa is a musical style originating from the Berber tribes in Morroco holding a strong laid-back feel and floating grooves. In this session, some of Israel's finest musicians take it to the next level
Bass - Yossi Fine / Drums ...
O ronco da cuica (Joao Bosco) by Joca Perpignan Brazilian classic composed by Joao Bosco revisited by Joca Perpignan, himself a prominent precussion artist, singer and composer in Brazil, Israel and elsewhere...
Bracha cohen & Yossi Yossef ברכה כהן ויוסי יוסף Traditional Jewish Yemenite music medley by Bracha Cohen, widely considered as the godmother of this amazing and unique musical style and one its' last living giants, with a career spanning over 70 years of daily performances.
Along with Bracha, the ...
Poogie Bell + BEMET + Rebel Sun - The Zone Jam Sick(ret) jam session held at The Zone featuring:
Poogie Bell - Drums
BEMET (Hod Moshonov) - Keys / Keytar
Rebel Sun - mike
Jaco Pastorius' DANIA by Kenwood Dennard / Delmar Brown / Yossi Fine (BUSHROCK) This unique composition by the great Jaco Pastorius is performed here by his all-time favorite drummer M.Kenwood Dennard with fellow alumnis of the mythical Gil Evans Orchestra: Delmar Brown on keys and vocals, and Yossi Fine on bass.
Many refer ...

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