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Be Strong Yoga Challenge Day 5 — Dolphin Pose and Pinchamayurasana Link to sign up—
Day 5 #bestrongyogachallenge is Dolphin Pose/Pinchamayurasana.
Join us for the challenge and practice with me on www.omstars.com @omstarsofficial in my #bestrong series. Let me know how it goes. Help us spread the word as ...
Yoga in the Greek Isles—Santorini Strength Drills Join me at the Andronis Exclusive hotel in beautiful Santorini, Greece for a quick core strength practice. Build your inner fire with drills in Navasana (boat pose), plank, and crunches variations, while overlooking the peaceful Aegean Sea.
Sign up for ...
Core Strength Yoga Drills — Be Strong Challenge Join the challenge here—https://omstars.com/challenges/be-strong-challenge-with-kino
Strength is something that takes time and practice. This 30 minute core strength core practice gives you the tools you need to feel the muscles of your core firing and turning on. Working on building strength ...
*Be Strong Challenge* ** Be Strong Challenge with Kino Yoga & Omstars starting November 1st. ** This new 13-Day Omstars Member challenge is about joining together through community & support and building our inner & outer strength. Want to know more? Here’s what ...
How to Headstand Toppling out of headstand is one of my first memories of yoga. The only real instruction I was given was to interlock my fingers, put my elbows on the ground and just try.
I can still remember my first attempt ...

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