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Frames of Representation: How to Film Nothing: Lecture with Boris Mitić The director of satirical documentary In Praise of Nothing joined us for a special, tongue-in-cheek lecture about Nothing. Boris Mitić presents a quirky overview of the creative and production challenges of making his whistleblowing documentary parody in which he explores ...
Frames of Representation: Intro and Q&A #FoR18 Shorts #1 Q&A with directors Pedro Peralta (Ascension) and Rafael Ramírez (Amundsen’s Dogs) and producer Michał Białożej (Zhalanash) hosted by film journalist and critic at large Wendy Ide.
Ascension (Ascensao)
The term sublime is not overused, Ascensão is an invitation to a ...
Frames of Representation: DragonFly Eyes Q&A Q&A with director Xu Bing hosted by Tony Rayns, filmmaker, critic and festival programmer with a special interest in East Asian cinema
All across China, surveillance cameras are tracking citizens as they go about their lives. Compiling diverse fragments of ...
Frames of Representation: Meteors (Meteorlar) Intro and Q&A Q&A with director Gürcan Ketlek hosted by Isabel Stevens, Production Editor at Sight & Sound
At night, in a Kurdish town in eastern Turkey, meteors start to fall. Stepping out of their homes to look, the city's inhabitants encounter fragments ...

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