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Gold Medal 2020 - Soohong Park Pianist Soohong Park plays Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No 2 in C minor Op 18 in his Gold Medal 2020-winning performance.
Soohong, his fellow soloists Ben Tarlton and Ke Ma, and the Guildhall Symphony Orchestra were conducted by Richard Farnes in ...
Songs Without Words - Pause Animations Performed by Bretton Brown (Guildhall Vocal Studies tutor)
This project is about the desire to connect during a crisis when we are asked to be alone. The piece is built from a chain of classical songs — each begun by ...
Solus - Pause Animations Composed by Samuel Dinley (Electronic Music)
The process used to compose ‘Solus’ used manipulations of sound recordings taken from environments that were made to adjust during the Coronavirus pandemic: using music technology to create digital instruments stemming from sounds found ...
ELEMENTS - Pause Animations Composed by Fernando Machado (Guildhall Masters in Leadership alumnus)
‘ELEMENTS’ offers the listener a nurturing respite in challenging times. The soundbath envelops us in a warm, nourishing and harmonic environment, which both grounds and lifts on spontaneous energy flows. In ...
There Was Silence - Pause Animations Composed by Anna Semple (Composition)
This work offers space for pause and thinking on the nature of isolation, and how sound defined aspects of our experiences in lockdown. The artist used crowd sourced 5-second sound summaries of people’s lockdown experiences, ...

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