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Mohammad, an ALS Patient From USA Shares His Improvements And Regenerative Treatment Experience Mohammed Taghi Moshref, a 63-year-old ALS patient from the United States underwent Regenerative Treatment in Bangkok with Unique Access Medical. In this video, Mohammad talks about the significant improvements he made after the treatment. He also recommends Cellular Therapy for ...
Severe Multiple Sclerosis Patient from Hungary Saw Improvements Following Regenerative Treatment Endre Mathe, a 49-year-old man from Hungary, received Regenerative Treatment to treat severe Multiple Sclerosis. In this video, he shares with us some of the improvements he has following the treatment protocol.
For more information please visit http://globalstemcells.com/
Traumatic Brain Injury Patient Mandeep from Canada Receives Cell Therapy in Bangkok Mandeep Kooner, a 38-year-old Traumatic Brain Injury patient from Canada received Regenerative Treatment in Bangkok with Unique Access Medical. Following the Regenerative Treatment, Mandeep experienced several improvements, including less inflammation and increased blood flow. He also shares his thoughts on ...
T12 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Ephram from New Zealand Regains Strength After LamiSpine Surgery Ephram Gudgeon, a 25-year-old T12 Spinal Cord Injury patient from New Zealand came to Bangkok to undergo a LamiSpine Surgery with Unique Access Medical. In this video, Ephram talks about his improvements following the treatment including regaining strength on his ...
Pacientes compartilham suas experiências com Tratamentos de Células-Tronco em Bangkok A Unique Access Medical oferece os tratamentos com Células-Tronco mais efetivos e inovadores. Nesse vídeo, pacientes do mundo todo compartilham suas experiências e resultados com os tratamentos de Células-Tronco e contam sua opinião sobre a equipe, instalações, programa de tratamento ...

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