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Free Video Gait Analysis With our free video gait analysis we can find the right (and LEFT!) shoe for you.
gait /ɡāt/
a person's manner of walking.
"the easy gait of an athlete"
All gaits are not created equal, therefore the shoe your ...
Tom Sawyer Trail at August's Virginia Key Bike Trails Run Running Tom Sawyer obviously with the greatest song of all time from the greatest band of all time as our soundtrack, RUSH's TOM SAWYER!
Getting to Virginia Key Mountain Bike Trails How to get to the Virginia Key Mountain Bike Trails on Key Biscayne
TeamFootWorks ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Laurie and Hans and our training program leaders and participants were challenged! In doing so we raised money for ALS research. You can donate here: www.alsa.org. #icebucketchallenge #alsicebucketchallenge

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