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Miami Today Profile | Jose Arrojo Jose Arrojo spent much of his first year as executive director of the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust reshaping the office’s inner workings while keeping close watch on public officials and employees here.
That, he said, has involved ...
Solving the Housing Crisis | Your South Florida From the Keys up to the Palm Beaches, the Workforce housing crisis is impacting residents all throughout South Florida. We look at how we got here and talk about some potential solutions that may help ease the strain of living ...
Changes to Florida Education Standards | Your South Florida As a new school year gets ready to begin, the replacement of Florida’s controversial education standards is underway. In this premiere episode of the all new monthly Your South Florida, we look at the process of recrafting the new curriculum, ...
What's on South Florida PBS in September Check out the featured programs airing this September on South Florida PBS.
WPBT Schedule - https://www.wpbt2.org/schedule
WXEL - Schedule - https://www.wxel.org/schedule
Programs highlighted:
Magical Land of OZ
India Natures Wonderland
Blue Sky Metropolis
NOVA Rise of Superstorms
Margaret: The Rebel ...
Aquila the Eagle | Sept 2-8th | Star Gazers Star Gazers #19-35 5 Minute Sept 2-8, 2019 “Aquila the Eagle”
Finding Direction in the Night Sky | Sept 9-15th | Star Gazers Star Gazers #19-36 5 Minute Sept 9-15, 2019 “Finding Direction in the Night Sky”
Autmnul Equinox - It's Fall! | Sept 16-22nd | Star Gazers Star Gazers #19-37 5 Minute Sept 16-22, 2019 “Autmnul Equinox - It's Fall!”
Perseus and the Seven Sisters | Sept 30 - Oct 6th | Star Gazers Star Gazers #19-39 5 minute Sept 30 - Oct 6, 2019 “Perseus and the Seven Sisters”

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