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Correct Deadlift Start Position Let's take a closer look at the critical starting phase of the Deadlift.
Front Squat - Elbows Dropping Common error when performing the Front Squat and contributing factors.
Squat Jumps What are Ballistic exercises? Velocity-based lifts or movements that emphasize concentric acceleration for power improvements. (Not the same as plyometrics, but that is a post for a different day)
Generally speaking, only proficient actions are used for ballistic movements because ...
Single Leg Floor Reach Trying to progress your client from performing RDLs to Single Leg RDLs? The floor reach is a good "tweener" progression.
Reaching to the floor allows the client to regain stability. This can easily be modified to a bench or higher ...
Band T Pulls Use this partner exercise to target your rhomboids and posterior deltoids. Many people overtrain their anterior musculature, and undertrain their posterior musculature, leading to strength imbalances at the shoulder joint. Use this exercise to help obtain strength balance and healthier ...

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